Like a Firecracker, can't touch me

Lets start off with the basics.

Name and/or Nicknames: Jeff. Jeffy. Jeffers. Jeffums. Fag.

Year you were born: 1988

Sexuality: Bi. I suppose thats what you call it.

Location: Joppa, MD

Reason behind your user name: Well if your a NIN fan than its self explanatory. Broken is the album name. Halo 5 is its album count. I like that halo, and when I made my LJ I felt broken. There you go. NINE INCH NAILS basics.

*~*Your favorite...~*~

Author(s)?:Anne Rice. I dont read much.

Bands? (please include atleast four): Nine Inch Nails. Mindless Self Indulgence. David Bowie. Assemblage 23. Moi Dix Mois. ... I can list so much more but you'll grow tired from reading all of them.

Artist(s)?: Keiji Goto. Salvador Dali. Edgar Allen Poe. Marilyn Manson.

Movies?: Lets make things easy.
-Tim Burton movies. -Quentin Tarentino movies. -Kevin Smith movies.

Scent: I like vanilla. Otherwise the scent of decaying roses.

Possession: This little heart my ex Sara made for me.

Food(s): Sushi. White Rice. Misu Soup.

Quote: I like my quote. "These tears of blood run not from my eye, but my wrists"

*~*How do you feel about...*~*

Self Mutilation: I despise it. For those who cut make things worse. Or just want attention. Suicide (If intended) is not the way to do things. I make my friends promise that they would never do that. They usually do.

Animal Testings/Animal Rights: Test it on humans. Animals have rights, feelings, and emotion. In other words. They are just like humans.

Pornography: Its not like I've never watched it before. I'm comfortable saying that I have watched it. It doesnt bug me any if you or anyone else for that matter watches it either.

Gay Marriage: I support it fully. Your true partner can be any gender. I know if I found my soul mate and it was a man, I'd marry him. Its about love.

Reality TV: TV is not my thing. So I can't really answer it if all I watch are cartoons on rare occasions.

*~*Please, tell us...*~*

A talent of yours: I can play guitar alright.

How did you hear about us?: VomitGlitter.

If you could change one of your physical features, what would it be?: Nothing. I love my imperfections. They make me who I am.

Shoes or Boots?:I wear shoes but I wish I could wear boots.

One personal flaw of yours: Love. I'm a sucker for it.

If we gave you five dollars, what would you do with it?: Spend it on some cheap hoes.

Promote us in atleast four communities or journals and put the user names here:
Drugs_are_happy. Beer_Nazis. APB_fans. BloodRedKozi

Post atleast four pictures of yourself. Please, no more than Six:

If I must.

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