im not another stupid little teenage fucking whore (deeza_beeza) wrote in covetous_scamps,
im not another stupid little teenage fucking whore

Lets start off with the basics.

Name and/or Nicknames: Danielle.
people call me danielley because you cant really make much of a nickname out of danielle

Year you were born: 1989

Sexuality: straight

Location: worcester,ma.

Reason behind your user name: first name starts with D. last name starts with B. dont relaly know where the 'eeza' came from.

Your favorite...

Author(s)?: i dont have one. when i read a really good book.. and look for more books done by them.. they turn out to be shitty books. so it doesnt matter to me.

Bands? (please include atleast four): northstar, brand new, my chemical romance, straylight run, and the spill canvas.

Artist(s)?: gwen stefani =)

Movies?: edward scissorhands, uncle buck, office space, the nightmare before xmas...

Scent: adidas for her

Possession: my ipod

Food(s): papa ginos pizza.. grilled cheese

Quote: heavens not a place that you go when you die, its that moment in life when you actually feel alive -- the spill canvas

How do you feel about...

Self Mutilation: i dont really know much about it because i have never done it. but if it helps people.. then let them do it. but its definietly not good when its gets TOO serious and their life is in danger.

Animal Testings/Animal Rights: animals have feelings too! =(.

Pornography: well people enjoy it...... hahah. ive never seen porn but from what i hear.. its disgusting

Gay Marriage: love is love. i cannot find ONE reason that they shouldnt be aloud to get married. even if its not aloud.. youre going to see couples walking around. theres no way around it.

Reality TV:  most of the time.. its not even real. but i still watch it. its interesting.

Please, tell us...

A talent of yours: i can curl my tounge

How did you hear about us?: mary

If you could change one of your physical features, what would it be?: probbaly my nose. i really hate it.

Shoes or Boots?: shoes

One personal flaw of yours: i trust people too easily

If we gave you five dollars, what would you do with it?: buy a vanilla latte from starbucks then give you the change back.

Promote us in atleast four communities or journals and put the user names here: i havent yet but i will to thesenips04 deeza_beeza bluexbird amour_e_odio

Post atleast four pictures of yourself. Please, no more than Six:

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