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Like a Firecracker, can't touch me.

Lets start off with the basics.

Name and/or Nicknames: My real name is Marsha. Some call me Marz or Marzy.

Year you were born: 1989

Sexuality: As of this moment I’m unsure.

Location: Parkton, MD. aka Hicksville, USA

Reason behind your user name: It’s part of a song by Incubus… and I like the meaning of the words when used together.

Your favorite...

Author(s)?: Dean Koontz & Stephen King

Bands? (please include atleast four): The Cure, Fall Out Boy, HIM, Something Corporate, Sarah McLachlan, Aimee Mann. My music taste varies.

Artist(s)?: I’m
not very artsy to be honest. I like my friend David’s artwork. He’s
very creative and talented, and his pieces are very interesting to

Movies?: Alice
In Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Benny and Joon, any
Johnny Depp movies in general, Meet the Parents, Fight Club

Scent: Sweet Pea, AXE, gasoline, whiskey

Possession: My bed. I find it to be a sacred place at times. For sleeping… yes.


Quote: “The
prettiest girl at the party pities those girls who aren't so pretty,
but dress nice. And she'll go home alone by choice, or choose one of
the boys to lay down with if she's lonely, or horny, or human.”

How do you feel about...

Self Mutilation: I
find that by judging people and simply saying “That’s so stupid” you
are causing that person to change that comment into some sort of insult
which leads them right back to where they started. I used to cut,
rarely, but I did. I did not flaunt it, nor did I want anyone to
notice. I have friends that are self mutilators, and I try to help them
find other things that help them get through the rough times. It’s sad
that people result in hurting themselves for the way they feel. I
always try to help a person by saying, “Oh, I’ll come over and we can
do something” or if I can’t do that then I’ll sit and talk to them and
try to bring their spirits up. I feel that if more people would just
sit down and here the person having troubles out, we’d be able to help
them by simply being there for them…

Animal Testings/Animal Rights:
Industries should not test their products on animals… they need to use
humans. We’re overpopulating the Earth anyway. Why kill cute little
animals when you could kill some stinky old person?

Pornography: Hey,
whatever sinks your raft buddy. I sit around and watch it with friends
all the time, just because it’s usually really funny and entertaining.
While we’re drinking or something like that. It just makes me laugh
really. =P

Gay Marriage: I
feel that marriage should not be limited to a man and woman. If a
person loves a person of their same sex, I don’t understand why it’s
such a big deal. I don’t care what God spoke or what Buddha sang or
blahdy blahdy blah in religion. This is the United States of America.
Our Constitution (err…one of those big important documents) clearly
states that Government and Law are to be kept completely separate from
the teaching in the Church. We are being a bunch of hypocrites, no
wonder people like to bomb our damn country.

I hate reality shows. I’m not talking about Real World. I’m talking
like these dumb fucking shows like Survivor and Big Brother and that
show where you try to pick out your father…. I hate those stupid
fucking shows. They’re dumb and make people look incompetent. RAWR!

Please, tell us...

A talent of yours: I am an excellent chef, so I’ve been told.

How did you hear about us?: Through the AMAZING Griff (vomitglitter)

If you could change one of your physical features, what would it be?: My nose… I HATE MY NOSE. I think it’s too big for my face and it sticks out and blah, I really dislike it.

Shoes or Boots?: Shoes. Boots make my feet all hot and I don’t like some nasty hot feet.

One personal flaw of yours: I have EVIL mood swings. I’ll be really happy one second and then wa-bam! I’ll turn into the most depressing little kid ever.

If we gave you five dollars, what would you do with it?: Depends where I was when you gave it to me. I’d prolly buy a pack of cigarettes honestly. Or I’d get a soda and some chips.

Promote us in atleast four communities or journals and put the user names here: deniedsin </span>tresbellecoeur </span>murdaxg0xr0und </span>skrpnk

Post atleast four pictures of yourself. Please, no more than Six:

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