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Lets start off with the basics.

Name and/or Nicknames: lnzy

Year you were born: 1985

Sexuality: i like boys, but i like kissing girls. so i guess you could say that i am bi-curious. and think some girls are pretty HOT!~

Location: springfield, missery

Reason behind your user name: alice in wounderland is my favorite disney movie.. the rest is pretty self-explanitory.

Your favorite...

Author(s)?: anne rice, stephen king, dean kontz,

Bands? (please include atleast four): NIRVANA, kittie, jack off jill, green day, incubus, and old modest mouse, oleander, kill hannah, mindless self indulgence

Artist(s)?: kurt cobain, salvador dali,

Movies?: kurt and courtney , requiem for a dream, fear and loathing in las vegas, go, kids, all over me, i like a alot of independnt films

Scent: love spell, endless love, passionte kisses... i like victorias secrets

Possession: my bear my uncle gave me before he died when i was 6.

Food(s): ICE CREAM, strawberries brown sugar and sour cream, peaches, pizza bagels, bread, and chicken noodle soup

Quote: "it is better to burn out then to fade away" [kurtd. cobain]

How do you feel about...

Self Mutilation: been there... not against it... i feel that if cutting yourself is a form stress relief or your way out then thats your thing. i have been through the whole cutting and burning stage and i know how it feels... sometimes... hurting yourself to be able to feel is the only way out... and it feels good and actually does make you feel some what better...

Animal Testings/Animal Rights: ... as long as i dont know about it... it doesnt really bother me.

Pornography: some pornography is a form of art... some of it is nice... and some of it is just disgusting... depending on the mood i am in and the people i am with... depends on if i like it. any porn with jenna jameson is alright with me.

Gay Marriage: perfectly fine. i love GAY BOYS!~ i feel if you love some one regradless of sexuality... then go for it... it doesnt bother me and shouldnt really bother others as long as they arent doing anything to you

Reality TV: *cough KILL YOUR TV cough* but... some reality tv is somewhat entertainng...

Please, tell us...

A talent of yours: singing, playing the guitar, good writer, and drawer

How did you hear about us?: community drugs_are_happy

If you could change one of your physical features, what would it be?: make my eyes darker blue

Shoes or Boots?: BOTH

One personal flaw of yours: i HATE feet! feet are disgusting...

If we gave you five dollars, what would you do with it?: probably... go buy some cheap hair dye... i need to redye my shit

Promote us in atleast four communities or journals and put the user names here: rockon_fuckstar unstableparadox omg_gurl _octoberseventh

Post atleast four pictures of yourself. Please, no more than Six:

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